Kindle is also available for private and semi-private lessons on various topics such as technique, practice, choreography, Datura Style, etc. Zoom/Skype can be arranged too!

Contact for any questions and pricing.


Datura Style™ classes are being held at Florida Tribal Dance!!!

$15/class drop-in or $10/class for a monthly package.


Datura Style™ Technique – Hip, Hip, Hooray!
Mondays September 9th – 30th
7:20pm- 8:20pm
In this 4 week series, we’ll have a strong focus on the pelvis! Things we’ll be working on will include hip circles, arcs, pivots, twists, figure 8s, and various shimmies (4/4, 3/4 up & down, Arabic shimmy, pony kick and more!). We’ll be adding some Datura vocab throughout the classes to keep up our technique as we dance it out!
$40- 4 week series, or $15 drop-in

Fusion Zills
Mondays October 7th, 14th, 28th
Things to look forward to are zill pattern combinations using 3s, 5s, 7s, 9s, and singles. Join us to learn various arrangements of patterns and practice them on top of dance combinations.
$30- 3 week series, or $15 drop-in

Choreography- Summoning The Gods
Mondays September 9th- October 28th
The show “Godlike” will be held on November 2nd and is bringing in amazing talent from around the surrounding areas. In this show, artists will draw upon mythology, history, fiction, and personal esoteric experiences to invoke and evoke through their dance performances. This choreography will be the opening ceremony- the summoning of these mythical creatures.

The song we will be using is Trobar de Morte – Summoning The Gods

If you are interested, I have 2 parts you are able to choose from, however each character has limited spaces, so the earlier to register, the better!

-The Coven– (open to beginners and beyond, a less intense choreography) These sorcerers/sorceresses will be using candles/incense in the presentation. They are the pillar of the summoning, creating long lines and shapes, the foundation of the ritual.
Costume will be black skirt (I welcome long black fringe and scarves), black bra, black cowl (if you don’t have one, I have directions on how to make an easy one), fabric body drapes also optional.
$80 for choreography and performance night on Nov 2nd

-The Enchantresses– (intermediate & advanced dancers) The Enchantresses will be the added flair in the ritual. Being able to perform clear isolation layers, levels, and possible floorwork is a must for this role. Weekly homework videos will be a requirement of these characters.
Costume will be a skirt with one or 2 leg slits (I will create/provide, and you have the option to purchase after the performance), your own silver/black bra, silver enchantress headpiece. The headpieces I will create and you will have an option to purchase after the performance.
$125 for the choreography classes, costume fee, and performance.

PayPal, card, and cash is accepted.

Information on the event can be found in the following link, as well as ticket information for those who would like to just come out and enjoy the show!

Send registration and inquiries to
See you soon!!! Xoxo


**Monthly packages are only good for that month. Sorry, but no refunds if a class a missed**

Monthly Package option is available up until the first Monday of the month.

Any questions?? Just ask!!