December 10th 2017 – 2 HR Datura Style™ Improvisation Workshop

Location: Florida Tribal Dance Studio in Orlando FL

$25 cash/paypal accepted in advanced or at the door

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In this 2 hour workshop, we will focus on about 3 to 4 Datura Style™ combinations, using both the left and right side of the body, and learn how to switch back and forth using left and right leaders in an improv setting. Experience in ATS® will be helpful, but not required for this workshop.
In the beginning of the class, we will focus on some fundamentals of hips as we dig into the Hip Study for a nice warm up. I’ll break down the components of the hip study for convenience if you are new to the information.
I’ll demonstrate and break down the combinations we’ll be focusing on, including their zil pattern, so please bring zils with you if you have them just to learn the patterns. Once we learn our combinations, we will group into duets to start our practice of switching leads. Zils are optional if you would like the challenge in the improv section, but not required.
I’m super excited to share this style with you, and hope to dance with you soon!!

Full description on ‘What is Datura Style™?’ can be found here: What is Datura Style™?